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Our Story

Unhinged Lifestyle Boutique was created in 2017 as a mother-daughter duo. Tammie opened the storefront in Senoia, GA with the help of her daughter Nicole. Tammie has 20+ years of retail experience, including owning other small businesses. Nicole was still in college and helped her mom with the social media, website, & buying for the business. Together they were the perfect duo!
In 2019, when covid hit, Nicole decided to really get into the business full time. She began buying her own inventory and running the website full time from her & her husbands house in Oklahoma. Tammie still ran the Georgia storefront and helped Nicole increase their online presence. Once the world started opening up again, Nicole began doing craft shows, shopping events, and other pop-ups in her Oklahoma community.
In March of 2021, the doctors found a tumor on Tammie's brain. They later diagnosed it as stage 4 Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. During her battle, Tammie never lost sight of Unhinged. In between treatments and surgeries, she still continued to work from home and give as much as she could to her business.
In December of 2022, Nicole was encouraged by her mom to open up her own storefront in Ponca City, OK. Nicole was 5 months pregnant at the time, but with the help of her husband, family & friends, she was able to open up the storefront in just a few short weeks. 
When Tammie's illness continued to worsen, Nicole began to take over more and more responsibility of the Georgia location. Eventually, she began to run it full time as well as her own storefront & the website. She also continued to do pop ups & traveled around for larger shows. Larry & Kennon, Tammie's husband & son, helped during this time as well. They brought merchandise down to the store, did bank deposits, and much more. They even worked the store a few times!
After almost 2 years of a long, extremely difficult battle, Tammie passed away on January 28, 2023. Unhinged Lifestyle Boutique will continue to operate in her memory. Nicole will inherit the store and run it from Oklahoma. 
Nicole continues to run her store in Oklahoma. She brings her son Noah to work with her everyday. 
Tammie loved her customers, town & employees so incredibly much. She made a huge impact on the town & will forever be remembered. 
Thank you for your love and support. This business was Tammie's love & passion and we hope make her proud!

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